Herba Slovenica

Herba Slovenica

Herba Slovenica is Slovenian family business. There are 3 people in the company: Sonja, who is a chemistry engineer for many years,  and has been developing and producing cosmetic products and is constantly in creative drive and testing new products and ideas. With her inexhaustible energy, she attracted her husband, Joka, who makes wooden products, as well as her daughter Urško, who makes perfumes.

Only the best of nature

The products are made exclusively from ecologically certified ingredients - either from Slovenian or foreign production. In addition to the principle of organic production, they also committed to the principle of locality.


The basis for most cosmetic products are herbs grown in their own garden or unspoiled nature and organic olive oil from Slovenian Istria.This oil has an excellent skin care composition. Cosmetic products also contain organic beeswax, also produced in Slovenia. Cosmetic products are intended for the care of all types of skin due to their natural and ecological composition.

Cruelty free

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