6 main beneficial properties of betulin

6 main beneficial properties of betulin


Betulin is an extract from the birch bark.

Apart from betulin, the birch bark extract also contains betulinic acid and lupeol.

 The extract has many beneficial properties that you can read about below.


  1.  Antioxidant

    Active substances of birch bark extract protect cells and tissues against so-called Oxidative stress, which leads to damage to the components of cells, especially proteins, lipids, and DNA. The excess of free radicals contributes to the development of many diseases, such as cancer, atherosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases and causes the body is ageing faster.


  1. Immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory effect

    The anti-inflammatory effect of betulin and betulinic acid is based on the inhibition of prostaglandin secretion, which is responsible for the inflammatory process, edema formation, and pain response. Research has shown that the active substances of birch bark extract are also immunomodulators, ie they regulate the immune system, enhance the immune response and stimulate the body's self-healing.
    The cosmetic containing birch bark extract help in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, reduction of skin lesions, swellings and pruritus symptoms.


  1. Antibacterial and antifungal, antiviral activity
    Cosmetics containing betulin soften the changes caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

  2. Antiallergic effect

    Research has shown that birch extract does not reveal any immunotoxic or allergy-causing properties. It causes a significant reduction of skin lesions and a reduction in the symptoms of pruritus.

    Very important is the fact that a standardised birch bark extract containing isolated active substances does not cause allergic reactions even in people allergic to pollen. Therefore, cosmetics containing betulin and betulinic acid are completely safe for allergy sufferers.

  3. Regulating the process of melanogenesis in the skin

    Betulin regulates the process of melanin production and distribution in the skin by inhibition of the tyrosinase enzyme (which is responsible for the transformation of tyrosine into a pigment - melanin). This property is used in prophylaxis and care of the skin with disturbed melanin synthesis (freckles, dye stains, chloasma, vitiligo). Betulin preparations effectively prevent the appearance of abnormal pigmentation changes in the skin, which may lead to the development of melanoma.

  4. Regulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin

    Research has shown that betulinic acid inhibits the enzyme elastase (which breaks down elastin) and effectively protects the skin against loss of elasticity. In addition, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen, the main connective tissue protein, which has a very high tensile strength, hence responsible for skin elasticity. Products containing betulin and betulinic acid prevent skin sagging and cellulite formation.


  1. Other properties and application

    Birch bark extract, containing betulin and betulinic acid, accelerates the regeneration of tissues while acting antiseptically in the case of wounds difficult to heal and after burns. In addition, it accelerates the scarring of wounds, limiting the size of the scar, prevents tissue degeneration.
    In the case of external application on the scalp, it strengthens hair roots, stimulates hair regrowth in the case of hair loss, women in baldness after childbirth, seborrhoeic baldness, after chemotherapy.

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