Pink clay



  • it is formed from a combination of white and red clay, which is why it has a comprehensive effect
  • contains a full complex of micronutrients and mineral salts, beneficial for skin condition and general health, including: silica, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, potassium oxide, sodium oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide.


- regenerative

- nutritional and antiseptic

- soothes irritations

- improves skin condition and its color

- seals the blood vessels

- cleanses

- disinfects

- removes muscle fatigue

- removes accumulated toxins

- gives a tightening, strengthening effect, and at the same time soothing and relaxing

- in a natural and safe way, your skin will be smooth, firm and healthy.

For sensitive and delicate skin with tendencies to irritation.

Country of the origin: France

 Kaolin, Illite ( Red clay)

It works best as a face mask, body wraps or a bath additive. Add a lot of liquids to the clay, in order to obtain a consistency reminiscent of thick cream, put the mask prepared on the chosen area: face, neck, cleavage, back or thighs. In order not to dry the mask, it may be sprayed with mist of your favorite hydrolate, or a damp compress may be applied. We wash after 10-15 minutes with lukewarm water using compresses.

Destination: Face/Body/Hair

Capacity: 100 ml / fl. oz. 3.51

PAO: 6 months