About Us

We believe people should make informed choices about their beauty routines without being hit heavily in the pocket.

There is a world of amazing natural products, which can take our bodies on a journey to embrace and connect with nature. 

We read the labels so our customers don't have to worry about unwanted, harmful and unsafe ingredients.

All packages sent to the customer are plactic-free, which we are very proud of.

Nat-ul core values:

- cruelty free products

- vegan friendly products

- supporting start-up and family brands

- customer focus

More and more fantastic natural cosmetics are produced by small, family-run businesses that use locally outsourced ingredients. 

Nat-ul supports the growth of these brands by bringing them to our store and give them exposure to our customers. 

This way we make sure that our customers have a wider choice of cosmetics from around the world (currently from Europe) and they also can contribute to the growth of the small, independent brands
Why are we bringing the cosmetics from outside of the UK if there are so many great cosmetics produced here?

A lot of ingredients are unique and available only in some locations in the world. Our manufacturers have direct access to these resources and they can be used shortly after harvesting which does increase the quality of the product. 

We are very proud to be the first ones to bring these brands to UK.

On the other hand, we also bring some brands that are well established and trusted in their country of origin, for our customers to try them. 



Our mission: To provide and promote natural cosmetics without compromising on affordability and quality.
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