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AVA Cosmetic Laboratory was founded 57 years ago for the love of natural life. In harmony with nature, it is the slogan that has guided the company since the beginning of its existence.


The MISSION of AVA Cosmetic Laboratory

The mission is to produce high-quality natural cosmetics, thereby providing their customers with the best protection and care for their skin. The company is constantly seeking new solutions to meet the needs of women today and is focused on giving women and men the opportunity to buy high-quality active cosmetics at an affordable price.

 Several decades of presence on the Polish market has made that the company associated with:

- knowledge and experience,
- high quality products and customer service,
- tradition,
- trust,
- reliability.

As the first Polish cosmetic company AVA Cosmetic Laboratory has created a series of natural and organic cosmetics certified by the international institution - ECOCERT. Personal care products are exclusively made by the most valuable natural ingredients, whose positive and effective effects on the skin have been scientifically proven.

Ava Natural cosmetics are available in Spain, Hungary, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Greece, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy.

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