DUETUS - minimalism for two

DUETUS is modern Polish natural cosmetics, intended for care in the convention of minimalism and universalism.

DUETUS cosmetics distinguish:

⦁ unique recipes based on regulating and detoxifying properties (active carbon, hemp oil, black seed oil, horsetail extract, AHA, BHA, PHA acids)
⦁ 100% vegan, natural and biodegradable composition,
⦁ a composition of natural essential oils, which is the smell of each product,
⦁ lack of artificial colours, flavours,
⦁ attractive price in relation to quality,
⦁ original packaging design,
⦁ functionality and possibility of many applications (these will be the first anti-acne, anti-pollution and unisex cosmetics on the market)

Anti-pollution (anti-smog cosmetics) - this slogan refers to products protecting against pollution and negative effects of toxic components (heavy metals, gases) present in the environment. Such products are characterized by the presence of repair, antioxidant, strongly regenerative and protective complexes.

Unisex - the slogan applies to universal products, for both sexes (DUET-us, analogy in the brand name).
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