VIANEK - a Polish brand of natural cosmetics


Dedicated to women of all ages, with diverse care needs, but consciously choosing cosmetics with a safe composition and exceptional performance.


VIANEK is a response to the growing market demand and interest in natural cosmetics. The combination of carefully selected ingredients, captivating scents and original packaging design creates a unique brand message.


VIANEK attracts the eye in the first contact. The packaging is decorated with unique Zalipian patterns, painted with passion and respect for Polish tradition, which dates back to the 19th century.


VIANEK is also an aroma - fresh, natural, inviting, pleasant to the senses, evoking memories and emotions. These positive associations make that Vianek cosmetics can not be forgotten!


VIANEK is a safe, natural composition. Skin friendly products are appreciated more and more, both by those who take their first steps in conscious care as well as pharmacists and dermatologists. All thanks to innovative recipes guaranteeing spectacular care effects!


Every woman, regardless of age, wants to be sure that choosing a cosmetic for herself, she offers her skin only the best. With cosmetics, VIANEK care is not a routine but a pleasure and a moment of blissful relaxation.


VIANEK, inspired by natural beauty, helps every woman to identify her own needs and choose the best cosmetics. Selected products are selected from particular series, in accordance with the intended use and specific, targeted action.


VIANEK is a unique natural cosmetics containing extracts of Polish flowers and herbs from organic farming. VIANEK is a brand in which color perfectly matches the smell, action and purpose of each cosmetic.



VIANEK are six series of products for face, body and hair care that stand out in color:


Blue series:

- moisturising for dry and sensitive skin,

- moisturising for all hair types,

- moisturising for all skin types on the body.

Green series:

- normalising problematic, oily, seborrheic and normal complexions,

- energising for skin requiring refreshing and detoxification,

- normalising for oily and normal hair.


Orange series:

- nourishing for all skin types,

- nourishing for hair requiring shine and smoothing,

- nourishing for all skin types on the body.


Red series:

- anti-wrinkle-revitalizing for people who want to delay skin aging processes,

- regenerating for colored hair,

- firming for the skin covered by the cellulite problem.


Pink series:

- soothing for sensitive and allergic skin,

- anti-dandruff for people struggling with dandruff,

- soothing for sensitive and allergic skin on the body.


Violet series:

- strengthening for cervical capillaries,

- strengthening for hair falling out,

- soothing for frequent skin irritations on the body.



According to EU requirements, the cosmetics are not tested on animals. In addition, they do not use substances that would be harmful to animals or the environment.


Herbs that Vianek uses for production come from Polish organic farming, from the areas of pure Podlasie.


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