9 interesting facts about Poland you should know

9 interesting facts about Poland you should know

Most of our cosmetics are from Poland.

We would like to bring this beautiful country closer to you by presenting a few interesting facts about it and some amazing pictures of its landscapes.

  1. The only natural desert in Europe is located in Poland. It is called Bledowska Desert and it is 33 square meters.

  2. There is a forest in Poland with crooked trees. It s called Crooked Forest (Krzywy Las). The trees are deformed and the cause of it is not known. The trees are crooked in right angle.

  3. There is a number of extinct volcanoes in Poland - The highest one (501m above the sea level) is called Ostrzyca. The last eruption was about 3-4mln years ago

  4. Forests cover approximately 29.6% area of Poland

  5. Wladyslaw Jagiello one of the Polish Kings established a law to protect an animal called Aurochs. It was the first nature conservation legislation in the world.

  6. Poland has the largest resources of mineral water in Europe

  7. There is approximately 7081 lakes in Poland.

  8. Kazimierz Funk biochemist, born in Poland in 1884 was a creator of the term “Vitamin”. He discovered Vitamin B1.

  9. Two largest salt mines are located in Poland, Klodawa and Wieliczka

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