SNOW Algae Complex Gift Set

£35.00 GBP

The set contains:

1. SNOW ALGAE Moisturising complex for the day (50 ml)

2. SNOW ALGAE Revitalising complex for the night ( 50 ml)

3. SNOW ALGAE Anti-wrinkle eye contour complex (15 ml)

Extracts of snow algae, silk and hyaluronic acid

Anti-wrinkle properties
Stimulation of production of two collagen types
Strengthening of the protective skin barrier

An extremely effective cream based on the unique extract of extremophile snow algae, capable of growing in exceptionally low temperatures, blanketed in snow; algae activate the “youth path” in the skin by protecting longevity proteins KLOTHO and FOXO1. The extract also prevents skin aging by stimulating the production of two major collagen types. It has a positive effect on the condition of skin cells and protects them from the negative environmental impact such as UV radiation. The combination of snow algae, niacinamide, silk proteins and hyaluronic acidproduces an extremely effective anti-wrinkle and moisturising complex.