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Protect, moisturise and nourish the skin of the whole body thanks to 100% Bioleev cocoa butter. Take advantage of increased protection and care thanks to the saturated oleic acid Omega-9, recommended by experts for healing, refreshing and improving the elasticity of dry and damaged skin. Protect your skin while sunbathing and use the wonderful properties of cocoa butter during a relaxing massage.

Cocoa butter:

  • moisturises, smoothes and tones the skin
  • has antioxidant properties, thus preventing skin aging processes
  • prevents excessive drying of the skin, is a rescue for dry hands or cracked heels and elbows
  • when used during pregnancy, it prevents stretch marks and cares for the delicate skin of the pregnant belly
  • it is a relief for sun-irritated skin, perfectly preserves and prolongs the tan
  • reduces hair loss and prevents split ends
  • it softens and moisturises lips
  • perfect for body massage

Theobroma Cacao Butter

1. Homemade cosmetics: use as the fat phase when creating your own cosmetics.

2. Face:
• as a lip balm: gently spread a hard piece of butter on chapped lips
• as an enrichment of the cream: add a few drops to your favourite cream

3. Body lotion

4. Compress for cracked heels and elbows: rub a small amount of butter into dry areas or make a compress with butter and a thick moisturising cream. To do this, apply the mixed products to the skin, wrap with foil, put on cotton socks and leave it overnight.

5. Hair and scalp mask: apply to dry or wet hair and massage into the scalp and leave for at least 20 minutes, preferably overnight. After this time, wash off with a light SLS-free, SLES-free shampoo or baby shampoo. To make it easier, you can first emulsify it with a hair conditioner. Thanks to this, the oil is easier to wash off with shampoo and will not leave a greasy film on them.

Capacity: 200 g

100% natural
no artificial additives, dyes and preservatives
does not contain SLS, SLES, PEG, PPG, silicones, parabens, paraffin, petroleum jelly, ethyl alcohol
suitable for vegans
not tested on animals!

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