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Hyaluronic acid 1.5 percent (20+) is dedicated to mature skin (over 20)with the first signs of skin aging. BIOLEEV formula allows you to effectively firm the skin on the cheeks, smooth nasolabial furrows, wrinkles formed around the eyes and eliminate the so-called lion's wrinkle. Regularly used, it quickly brings lasting effects of rejuvenating treatment.

Prepared in the form of a gel, 1.5 percent hyaluronic acid (20+) consists of three complementary forms of acid with different molecular weights:

Macromolecular: creates a protective layer on the skin that effectively prevents the epidermis from losing water
Micromolecular: effectively penetrates the upper layers of the skin, thanks to which it regenerates and moisturises
Ultra micromolecular: penetrates into deeper layers of the skin, binding water and preparing the skin to absorb active ingredients, e.g. from cream


  • gives a skin moisturising feeling - 100% positive feedback
  • gives a feeling of skin firming - 92% of positive reviews
  • makes the skin radiant - 84% positive reviews
  • makes the skin fresh - 96% positive reviews
  • makes the skin rejuvenated - 76% of positive reviews
  • makes signs of aging less visible - 72% of positive reviews
  • supports hair regeneration - 92% positive reviews
  • easy to spread and absorbs - 96% of positive reviews

Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Raspberry Ketone

Face / body: mix a dose of acid with an oil or cream, gently pat into the skin and leave to absorb. Apply twice a day.

Hair ends: Add a dose of acid to the oil or conditioner, spread on washed hair and let it absorb. Do not rinse off.

Addition to clay masks: hyaluronic gel added to clay strengthens the effectiveness of substances contained in clays, moisturises the skin and makes the mask have a more pleasant, creamy texture. Mix the dose of acid with the clay prepared earlier (e.g. white clay, red clay, green clay), spread on the face and leave for several minutes.

Addition to shampoos, masks: hyaluronic acid added to the shampoo or mask will significantly enhance the properties of these cosmetics. It will make your hair smooth and shiny. When added to the shampoo, it will reduce the drying effect of detergents, and when added to a conditioner or mask, it deeply nourishes, moisturises the hair.

Capacity: 30 ml



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