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Red clay

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  • has regenerative properties of the damaged skin layer:
  • improves skin tone
  • eliminates imperfections
  • seals and prevents the blood vessels from breaking
  • helps in the treatment of rosacea
  • deeply cleanses the skin, nourishes and mattes
  • prevents the multiplication of harmful microorganisms and acts as a natural antibiotic.
For oily, normal, mixed and also vascular complexion.
Country of the origin: France

 Red Montmorillonite Clay

The easiest and most common form is the mask. Just mix a little powder with water and apply it on your face. After 15 minutes, rinse with water and moisturise with balm. Different types of body wraps are equally popular, which after applying should be wrapped with a warm towel or a hot-water bottle, so that the skin warms up, the nutrients from the clay may have been absorbed by the pores in the skin. Red clay is also great added to the bath.

Destination: Face/Body/Hair

Capacity: 100 ml / fl. oz. 3.51

PAO: 6 months