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Face Serum "Balance in Liquid"


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The "Liquid Balance" serum is there to nourish the skin, but not overburden it, additionally soothe irritations, abrasions, acne and moisturise it well.
Also provide ingredients that are important both to lighten the skin and unblock the pores of the complexion, and to prevent signs of aging.

What's inside?

Rosehip oil - it is the one which, despite its oily nature, works well in the care of skin with acne or a tendency to clog pores. This is because it contains a lot of linoleic acid (an unsaturated fatty acid), which is generally too low for clogging-prone skin. This acid thins sebum, reduces its retention in the pores of the skin, unblocks it and helps to narrow it. Unrefined oil, with a natural ruby ​​color, is also rich in natural vitamin A. It owes its phenomenal ability to support skin regeneration. The goodness of vitamin A is also deservedly appreciated in the fight against the signs of aging and inflammation in acne.

Niacinamide - one of the forms of vitamin B3 that is excellently absorbed and absorbed through the skin. If used regularly, the skin keeps its hydration better and better and is less susceptible to external factors. It soothes irritations, supports regeneration and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can reduce discolouration and limit the production of sebum. This serum contains as much as 2% of this ingredient, thanks to which it is able to smooth and immunize the skin, as well as to control and keep sebum production in check.

Urea - a moisturising ingredient that our skin produces naturally, and which does not block the pores in the slightest. It helps to keep water in the epidermis, smoothes and softens. 

Vitamin E - rightly called the vitamin of youth. It protects the skin against oxidants, i.e.  aging.

Tea tree essential oil - one of the most active plant antibacterial ingredients. It limits the growth of microorganisms.

Lactic acid - makes the pH of the cosmetic similar to the pH of the skin.

The serum is preserved with natural oils and ingredients that are their derivatives. There are no parabens, dyes and artificial fragrances.

Aqua (water), Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Niacynamide, Urea, Tocopheryl Acetate, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid, Limonene

Apply every day on the cleansed skin.

Capacity: 50 g

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