Green Clay - Acne Skin 100g

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Green clay effectively and quickly cleanses the skin of impurities. Regulates sebum production. Green clay is the strongest clay, it has atighteing and matting effect - without depriving the skin of natural protective barriers. It helps nourish and protect the skin and eliminates toxins.

  • the strongest clay
  • thoroughly cleanses and degreases the skin
  • tighteing pores
  • brightens and improves the skin tone
  • has cleansing and healing, as well as antibacterial properties
  • firms the skin, recommended in the fight against cellulite

Recommended for oily, combination and acne skin.

Montmorillonite (Green Clay)

Face mask: Mix 1 tablespoon of clay with a small amount of water or hydrolate to form a paste, optionally add a few drops of hyaluronic acid or oil. Then apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, not allowing it to dry.

Body mask: mix the clay with a small amount of water or hydrolate to obtain a thick suspension, then apply to the body and leave for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Hair mask: prepare a paste of water and clay, apply to the hair and scalp and massage gently, leave for a few minutes and rinse with water.

Bath: pour 100g of clay and a few drops of oil into a bath tub with warm water, the bath should last about 20 minutes.

Clay can also be used as an addition to peelings.

Capacity: 100 g

Note: Metal accessories should not be used to prepare clay masks.




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