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Hair serum- Low Porosity Hair

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Serum for low porosity hair nourishes, strengthens and regenerates. It is based on the highest quality oils (including argan oil, avocado or baobab oil), and it is used easily and with pleasure.

The low porosity hair serum contains oils with small particles that perfectly match this type of strands. Thanks to this, when used regularly, it is able to reduce hair loss, contribute to an increase in their density, and strengthen and nourish them without overloading them. This is important because low porosity hair tends to get greasy faster and quickly lose the  volume.

But what exactly is all this porosity and how do you diagnose it at home? It's simply determining the extent of the hair cuticles.
- good condition hair that has tightly attached cuticles are low porosity hair.
- hair whose scales are slightly parted are medium porosity hair.
- hair that is very damaged and strained, with very prominent scales, are high porosity hair.

The oils have different particles and the hair has differently scales. Oils and scales must combine so that they fit well together. Some oils will suit low porosity hair (those with small particles, others to medium (medium oil particles), others to high (large oil particles). Therefore, the oil should be selected for the level of hair porosity. 

How to check hair porosity? Just place the hair in a glass of water and wait about 5 minutes. The more it drowns, the greater the porosity of the hair. If it falls completely to the bottom, it means that its scales are very parted and it absorbs water quickly. It is therefore highly porous. Medium porosity hair dives roughly halfway, while low porosity hair floats on the surface or only submerges slightly (closed scales do not allow them to soak up water quickly).

What gives regular hair oiling? Among the benefits of this care treatment are: regeneration and strengthening, deep hydration and nutrition, giving softness and gloss, easier combing, protection against the harmful effects of external factors and mechanical damage, hair protection against protein loss.

Coconut oil - moisturizes and strengthens hair, reduces itching of the scalp, dandruff, relieves inflammation.

Avocado oil - is rich in a number of vitamins that help to improve the condition, regeneration and maintenance of hair hydration.

Argan oil - protects hair from thermal and mechanical damage; has antioxidant properties, providing hair with vitality.

Baobab oil - by penetrating the hair cuticles, smoothes their structure and protects against drying, also strengthens them and protects against mechanical damage as well as high and low temperatures.

Corn oil - helps to deal with numerous skin diseases, e.g. dandruff or psoriasis; improves microcirculation, prevents hair loss and excessive sebum secretion by sebaceous glands.

Horsetail macerate - thanks to the high silicon content, it reduces hair loss, dandruff and prevents excessive greasiness; strengthens the bulbs and smoothes the hair, giving it a healthy shine.

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Persia Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Oleum citrus grandis, Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Oil, * limonene.
* ingredients of natural essential oils

1. Spread a few drops of oil on your hands along the entire length of dry or wet hair and massage into the scalp. Leave the serum on your hair for at least 1-3 hours or overnight if you wash your head in the morning. Then wash your hair as usual. Use this treatment every second washing 1-2 times a week.

Note: A few drops of serum are really enough. Do not use it too much. This will not accelerate the regeneration of the hair, on the contrary, it will overload and oily.

The first effects will be visible after the first use. Hair will be smoother, soft to the touch and shiny. However, I recommend using it regularly for 2-3 months, this is the time when the serum will fully regenerate our hair.

During the treatment, the porosity may change, which is a very good symptom. For example, high porosity hair will change into medium porosity hair. Then use the appropriate serum.

2. After washing your head, a small amount of the product can be applied to the wet ends of the hair only and allowed to dry.

Capacity: 30 ml

Packaging:  Glass bottle with a pipette

Cosmetic without preservatives.
Vegan cosmetics - a product created without the use of raw materials of animal origin.
After opening, we suggest storage in a cool and dark place.

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