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Regenerative Moisturising Collagen Eye Patches with Red Wine

£3.99 GBP

Purpose: skin of all ages, dehydrated, rough, gray and matt, rough and without elasticity, tension, radiance and colour, with pull-off effects, in need of immediate regeneration and strong and deep moisturising.


Strongly and deeply regenerates tired skin

Moisturises and allows maintaining an appropriate level of hydration

Improves metabolism and stimulates cells to rebuild

Restores softness, firmness and elasticity

Counteracts flaccidity, visibly rejuvenate

Stops the aging process - reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation

The skin becomes soft, delicate, optimally nourished, illuminated and full of radiance

Description: Hydrogel eye patches based on natural marine collagen, with the addition of marine algae and seaweed, strong firming, tightening and regenerating the skin.

Active ingredients: natural marine collagen, condensed red wine extract, licorice extract, vitamin C, allantoin, rose oil, glycerine.

Destination: Eyes

Capacity: 0.28 fl. oz