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Shea Body Butter With Cranberry

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Natural Shea butter with cranberry has a consistency of thick butter, which in contact with the skin turns into a fragrant oil

  • enriched with cranberry extract gives exceptional care qualities
  • the rich content of walnut oil and vitamin E, accelerates skin regeneration and stimulates cell activity to fight the aging process


- intensively and long-lasting moisturising

- nourishes and regenerates the skin

- smoothes

- softens and makes it elastic

- has antioxidant properties

- eliminates stretch marks

- delays skin aging processes

- smoothes wrinkles

All skin types for dry, rough and irritated skin.

Composition: shea butter, walnut oil, vit. E, cranberry extract.

A bit of butter before applying must be warmed in your hands. Butter can be applied directly to the skin, gently massaging. Systematic application of the balm firms and tightens the skin. It is recommended for use especially before and during sunbathing to protect the skin from drying out under the influence of sun and salt water.

Destination: Body

Capacity: 100 ml / 3.5 fl. oz.