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Shea Body Butter With Orange

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Natural shea butter with orange has the consistency of thick butter, which in contact with the skin turns into a delicate mousse with the aroma of ripe oranges.

Thanks to the rich content of vitamin E, it accelerates skin regeneration and stimulates cell activity to fight aging processes.


- intensively and long-lasting moisturising

- nourishes and regenerates the skin

- smoothes, softens and makes it more flexible

- soothes irritation

- has antibacterial properties

All skin types for dry, rough and irritated skin.

Composition: shea butter, walnut oil, vitamin E, ripe orange extract. 

A little butter before application should be warmed in your hands. Butter can be applied directly to the skin, gently massaging. Systematic application of the balm firms and illuminates the skin.

Destination: Body

Capacity: 100 ml / 3.5 fl. oz.